23 julho 2010

Cabreira's Landscape

At south of Gêres National Park, but on the extreme north of Portugal, lie the Cabreira Mountains.
A magnificent landscape and details that justifies a visit.
Contemplation wasn’t the motive that takes me there on last July the 10th. The nº 1 purpose consisted of an off-road ride with my friends of Clube Audio-TT, but even so I’ve enjoyed the views.

Some examples “é já a seguir”!

The "Via-Verde" to heaven!

And who lives there?
Cows and horses, who else?

Ah!, and don't forget the wind, who also have its place up there.

Great view!!...

... and details.

(you can click on the photos to see them on a larger view)
Now he says...

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Anónimo disse...

Fun to read, memorable to watch and happy to have participated. Congratulations "for flying abroad". Keep it up :-) Mónica